Microsoft’s Streaming Service Mixer Now Available on Both iOS and Android

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Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer is (slowly but surely) coming for Amazon’s Twitch and Google YouTube Gaming on every platform. While it was announced months ago that a Mixer app was in active development and beta testing for both iOS and Android mobile devices, the culmination of that project is available now to the general public.

According to a blog post on the Mixer development blog, the Mixer app is officially available for both iOs and Android devices. Notably, the development team notes that the beta process wasn’t just a way for them to soft-launch; instead, they have used the feedback and comments from users to build the app “pixel-by-pixel” to give a better user experience, whether that means faster updates, personalization, and interactivity.

More specifically, since the beta the app has added push notifications to know when your favorite streamers (cough cough DualShockers) is going live, a switched up display to ease navigation, and the ability to switch up video quality and toggle both audio and chat.

Of course, competing with Twitch and YouTube Gaming will be stiff competition, given how long both apps have been on the market. In the most recent reports, Twitch holds the spot for 284th most-used app on iOS (381 Android), whereas YouTube Gaming is unranked for both on charts.

But Mixer — and their all-star development team — think they have a case to dethrone some of the more notable names. In fact, DualShockers spoke with Ben Favreau on Mixer’s marketing strategy, what sets it apart, and how they intend to dominate the market space.

As mentioned above, Mixer is available now for iOS and Android, as well as on PCs, Xbox One, and a host of other locales.

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