Microsoft Slashes Prices for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games for the Holidays

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Tis the season of giving, and Microsoft is trying to chip in with some tremendous discounts. I know, we are coming off the back of some other great deals — namely both the Black Friday sale and The Game Awards sale that happened within the month. However, anyone who is grabbing a holiday bonus or some cash from their family, you can make sure to pick up some of the best games for the console (and 2017) for a fraction of the cost.

A little bit unique to this deal is the fact that there will be a special sale every day until the new year. For instance, today it is Halo Wars 2: Standard Edition which is down to 50%-60%. However, we don’t know the calender so the daily deal will be a surprise.

Meanwhile, the regular Countdown 2017 deals are equally impressive. For instance, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition is 50% to 60% off — a boon to anyone looking to try the game with the new Xbox One X enhancements. Also on this list are some of the hottest games this year, like Assassin’s Creed OriginsWolfenstein II: the New Colossus, and Cuphead.

The sale is available from today to December 31, 2017. Check out the full list of deals below, as well as the promotional video for the sale below:

Xbox 360 Discounts:

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