Mewtwo is Coming to Pokémon GO in Coming Weeks as the First Exclusive Raid Battle

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If you didn’t hear, trainers in Yokohama, Japan, were able to battle and capture Mewtwo in the city’s Pokémon GO Stadium event. In case you were worried about being left out, Niantic has announced that the rare Pokémon will be making its way to everyone soon.

According to a blog post by Niantic on the Pokémon GO website Mewtwo will mark the first Pokémon that trainers will be able to battle and catch via Pokémon GO’s new Exclusive Raid Battle system. In order to qualify for an Exclusive Raid Battle, Pokémon GO trainers must receive an invitation, which can be earned by defeating a Raid Boss at a gym where an Exclusive Raid Battle has been scheduled. Upon receiving an invitation, players will have ample warning to coordinate with fellow players before the moment of truth comes and the Exclusive Raid Boss must be defeated.

Mewtwo is expected to be out in the wild in the coming weeks, but that’s not the only new Pokémon players can expect to find. Niantic teases that “other powerful Pokémon” might be discovered by hatching the Raid Eggs found during Exclusive Raid Battles over the next few weeks. In order to take advantage of these Exclusive Raid Battles, be sure to train up and battle in the raids available at the Gyms in your area.

Lastly, Niantic announced that it will be providing trainers another opportunity to catch the Legendary Birds that have been available the past few weeks. From August 14 through August 31, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia may be battled in Raid Battles.

Recently, we learned that a few other rare Pokémon would be released in European cities until August 21.

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