Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PS Vita Reveals a New Character; Root Letter Shipped 400,000 Copies

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Today Kadokawa Games reached out with a press release to reveal new details and screenshots of its upcoming JRPG Metal Max Xeno.

First of all, we get a reveal of a new character named Itika. She is voiced by Yuri Yamaoka (who recently voiced Obrona in Xenoblade Chronicles 2). Her age is unknown, and she has lived a lonely life. While her appearance is similar to that of a human girl, she belongs to a semi-human race named Mute. She is also quite curious.

She is probably over a thousand years old like all lolis.

We also get to take a look at the PLT-01. It’s the first prototype of the next-generation main battle tank built in Poland PL-01. It comes with a futuristic design with a stealth profile, and it appears in the game as it transitions from its first part to the middle part.

In other Kadokawa Games news, we also learn from another press release that the visual novel Root Letter has passed 400,000 shipments, including digital downloads. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you can check out our review.

You can enjoy artwork and screenshots below. If you want to see more, you can check out the first trailer and screenshots, and a second batch featuring more characters, and the third, also showing members of the cast. A brand new trailer was also recently released.

Metal Max Xeno will release in Japan exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita on April 19th. A western release was also announced, but we don’t have any details yet. We don’t even know who will publish it for now.

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