Metal Gear Survive Receives New Pyramid Head Accessory and Castlevania Music

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Starting next Tuesday, Metal Gear Survive players can get some more out of the title with a new horror-themed batch of unlockables coming to the game. The update most notably includes the Pyramid Head accessory, which can be worn to relive those Silent Hill glory days.

The update doesn’t stop there, however, as Konami is also bringing the main Silent Hill theme, via in-game cassette tape, which will pair perfectly with the Pyramid Head costume. On top of that, a few Castlevania tracks are also arriving including Symphony of the Night‘s ‘The Tragic Prince’ along with Rondo of Blood‘s ‘Divine Bloodlines’ and ‘Beginning’. Players can grab these items up until November 6th. The patch note also mentions a Super Contra track as well which you can read the full notes here:

– Accessory: Pyramid Head

– Cassette Tape: [Silent Hill] Silent Hill
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Divine Bloodlines
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Rondo of Blood] Beginning
– Cassette Tape: [Castlevania Symphony of the Night] The Tragic Prince

– Cassette Tape: [SUPER CONTRA] THUNDER LANDING (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [NEMESIS] Challenger 1985 (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [LIFE FORCE] Power of Anger (Arcade)
– Cassette Tape: [Bells & Whistles] Gift of the Wind (Arcade)
– Recipe: Advanced Weapon Workshop
– Recipe: Advanced Gear Workshop
– Recipe: Copper Statue
– Recipe: Wooden Tower
– Recipe: Moai
– Recipe: Medium Floodlight
– Recipe: Large Floodlight
– Recipe: Streetlight
– Recipe: Floodlight
– Recipe: Palm Tree
– Recipe: Cactus
– Recipe: Sign: “STOP”
– Recipe: Sign: “Beware of Animals”
– Recipe: LargeQuiver
– Recipe: MediumQuiver
– Recipe: SmallQuiver

It’s unclear what the future holds for this Metal Gear spinoff but be sure to check out DS for any future updates. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our review of Metal Gear Survive here. For more on Konami’s other games, you can also check out the reveal of Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood which is due out next week on PS4.



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