Megaton Rainfall’s PS4 and PlayStation VR Release Date Delayed

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There is plenty of reason to be excited for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR title Megaton Rainfall. However, it seems that we will just have to temper that excitement a little longer, since developer Pentadimensional Games has announced the game will be delayed.

In a Facebook post, Pentadimensional notes that Megaton Rainfall will be delayed three more weeks from the originally announced release date of September 26. The developer explains that this is a result of the “bureaucracy” that needs to be gone through during this time of year.

Also mentioned in the post is that the game is available for pre-order in the European PlayStation Store. Not only that, but by pre-ordering the game, European PlayStation Plus members will receive 20% off of the base price. No word on if or when the game’s discount or pre-order will be available in North America.

Megaton Rainfall will release on October 17 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR for $15.99. The game is planned to eventually come to PC, but no release date has been provided for that version at this time. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website.

When the September release date was originally announced, Pentadimensional Games also provided an announcement trailer with some pretty sweet looking gameplay footage.

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