MediEvil Remaster News Is Coming In The Next Week or Two

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Over on the PlayStation Blogcast, PlayStation’s social media director Sid Shuman said that fans should expect to find out more about the upcoming MediEvil remaster very soon. Sony’s very own Shawn Layden will apparently be making an appearance on the podcast to reveal more about the remake of the popular PS1 classic within the next week or two.

You can listen to the podcast for yourself over on Soundcloud. If you’re interested in just hearing the short sound byte, Shuman mentions the news around 34 minutes in. The MediEvil remaster was announced in late 2017, at Sony’s PSX showcase in Anaheim, California. We only got to see a very short teaser trailer of it then and haven’t learned much at all since.

As of right now, what we do know is that MediEvil will launch exclusively on PS4 and will feature full 4K support. If you’re feeling extra nostalgic for some PS1 classics, Sony revealed the PlayStation Classic last month. Although right now, MediEvil is unconfirmed for the mini console, and only five of its 20 games have been revealed so far.

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