Media Molecule’s Dreams Gets Panel Video from PlayStation Experience Going Deeper Into Its Creativity

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After going quiet for a little bit, Media Molecule’s long-awaited Dreams made a big reappearance at this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience, with a panel devoted to the game offering a closer look at the wildly-imaginative title.

A new panel video from PlayStation Experience was released highlighting Dreams from Media Molecule, with panel members Siobhan Reddy, Alex Evans, and Mark Healey from the studio joining moderator Tim Schafer to discuss the game.

Dreams was first unveiled to the public at Sony’s press conference at E3 2015, and immediately grabbed viewers’ attention with its focus on creativity and allowing users to create nearly anything they want.

Since then, new details for the game have revealed that there will be a set of narrative campaigns integrated into the game, while the game will also revolve heavily around players creating levels and collaborating with one another. The title will also provide support for PlayStation VR to allow players to become even more immersed in the experience.

Dreams is currently in development for PS4 and expected to release sometime in 2018, with a beta for the title coming sometime before release as well. Until then, for a closer look at the upcoming title you can check out the newly-released panel video from PlayStation Experience below:

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