Marvel’s Spider-Man’s New Game+ Update is Out Right Now [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Insomniac has just pushed out both patch 1.07 and 1.08 for Marvel’s Spider-Man which means that both New Game+ and the Ultimate difficulty have now officially arrived. We knew that these functions would be coming at some point over the next few days, but weren’t sure what the chances were for it to release today. Fortunately, Insomniac pushed it out before the weekend starts so that you can play through Marvel’s Spider-Man once again.

Our original story from earlier today is below.

We reported earlier in the week that Insomniac Games was planning on releasing update 1.07 for Marvel’s Spider-Man on Wednesday, which would most notably include the long-awaited New Game+ mode. Well, now it’s Friday and the update still hasn’t arrived, though it should be here relatively soon according to the developer.

It seems that Insomniac accidentally posted an old version of their copy in this week’s PlayStation Blog post that said the update would be coming on Wednesday. This prompted confusion from many–including us here, unfortunately–before the statement was later deleted from the article. Since then, fans have been wondering about why the update was “delayed” and just when it would arrive. Luckily, it seems like it’s still slated to be pushed out pretty soon.

When responding to a fan’s inquiry about the arrival time of New Game+ on Twitter recently, the official Insomniac Games account said that the mode is still slated to arrive ahead of the release of the first DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man. For those unaware, the first add-on pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man, titled The Heist, launches on Tuesday of next week. So basically, New Game+ is going to drop at some point over the next three or four days.

Thank god that our long national, New Game+ nightmare is nearly over! In all honesty, I know people are excited for this mode to finally arrive but only a few days later than what we though isn’t a huge deal. And don’t give Insomniac grief for this! It was just a simple mistake that led to all of this confusion in this first place. We’ll all get to dive back into New York City soon enough and there are plenty of other games out right now to tide us over until that time.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now on PS4.

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