Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s Live Action Trailer is Perfect

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I think there has been a fair amount of skepticism surrounding upcoming strategy crossover Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Some have been concerned about how the Mario and Rabbids franchise would come together. Others seemed puzzled about what gameplay would look like for a Mario strategy shooter. But if you’ve found yourself confused about what a cover-based Rabbid would look like, Ubisoft has you covered — in a very real way.

Earlier today Ubisoft released a live action trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Title “Cover Me,” the trailer takes an… erm… interesting look at the practicalities of giving guns to rabbits. With that said, Ubisoft may have possibly made the best Nintendo commercial in years.

The concept of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle seemed to be floating around for quite some time — well before the game’s E3 reveal. And while the combination of genres and source material seems outlandish, our hands-on preview of the game surprised us. DualShockers Logan Moore professed:

After playing Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle for only a short time, I was completely sold on the game. Not only is the world colorful and unique, but the combat seems to have the right amount of depth that should keep both seasoned and new fans of strategy RPGs entertained.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 29, 2017. Check out the action-packed trailer below:

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