Manticore – Galaxy of Fire Breaks Out of Mobile, Coming to Nintendo Switch

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If you are big in the the mobile gaming scene, you may know of developer Deep Silver Fishlabs’ Manticore – Galaxy of Fire. A fairly impressive dogfighting game for Android and iOS, the game is now coming to Nintendo Switch according to a brand new reveal trailer and product description.

Seen in the gameplay trailer below, the game has a deep sci-fi bend with space action combat. Players take on the seedy criminal underworld of the Neox Sector using the titular ship: the Manticore. As you work to save the universe from a near-certain cataclysmic end, the game features an eight hour story, over 30 bosses, and 35 different locations to choose from.

According to the game’s product description available on Nintendo’s website, the game will be enhanced for the Nintendo Switch, using HD rumble support with both the Joy-Con and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers. Even better, the game is set to release a month from today, on March 22, 2018.

While this may be run-of-the-mill news, it may also be indicative of THQ Nordic’s business strategy with ports. Deep Silver Fishlabs (and publisher Koch Media) was recently acquired in a deal with THQ Nordic — a contract which invariably includes Manticore – Galaxy of Fire. While this announcement is coming only a week after the announced deal, perhaps this is a stronger indication of willingness to port games than previous tepid responses.

As mentioned above, Manticore – Galaxy of Fire launches for Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2018; the game is already available on iOS and Android (under the name Galaxy of Fire 3 – Manticore). Check out the brand new gameplay (and announcement) trailer, below:

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