Lost Soul Aside for PS4 Gets New Trailer Showing Super-Fast and Stylish Gameplay

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Remember Lost Soul Aside? The game started as a solo project by developer Yang Bing, who then went on to found his own studio named UltiZero Games.

Today, a new trailer has been released, and you can check it out below, courtesy of YouTube user ItsMEnUOnly.

If you’re going to attend PlayStation Experience, you’re going to see a lot more, because the game is playable on the show floor with a dedicated demo, and that’s exactly what the video below shows.

The demo showcases protagonist Kazer as he does battle against a bunch of enemies and what appears to be a boss, in a super-stylish and fast way that definitely calls back to hack-and-slash games like Devil May Cry.

Check it out below (keeping in mind that it explicitly mentions that the game is still in development and the trailer does not represent its final quality). If you want to see more, enjoy some more gameplay from a little while ago, a few comments by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Director Kenji Kajiwara, and the trailer that started it all.

At the moment the game has been announced only for PS4, but it has been said to be a timed exclusive. No release window has been announced.

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