Little Devil Inside Gets New Gameplay Footage; 2018 Release Date Anticipated

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Neostream Interactive has released new information regarding its upcoming survival RPG Little Devil Inside including a new gameplay video as well as more insight on when the game will launch.

The less than the four-minute long video shows various snippets protagonist such as in the desert as he sips on water he obtained from a cactus and battling bandits from the back of a donkey just to name a few. Despite the game keeping a low profile for the entire year, the developers have released this video confirming that the project is still in the works and also showcases how much progress the team has made. On top of that, the developers shed some light on how the game will work.

During an interview with publication Iven Global, the development teamed provided more insight on what gamers can expect from their upcoming project. During the interview, the team noted that the game would last around 100 hours — 20 for the main story and 80 additional hours when completing side quests.

Additionally, Neostream also confirmed that the plot would revolve around your quest to explore the world and study monsters as part of the research you are conducting for your university, which you will frequently visit to share your findings. In Little Devil Inside, players will have the opportunity to explore all sorts of landscapes ranging from the desert to the sea as you hunt down monsters and complete (optional) side quests.  Little Devil’s Inside‘s setting has been described by the team as open, encouraging players to explore while the overall size of the world itself roughly the same as Borderlands. 

As far as a release date goes, a solid date was not announced. However, the team did confirm that the launch window will be set to 2018, with QA testing set to commence around late 2018 with an official release not too long after the QA testing has concluded.

Little Devil Inside is anticipated to launch sometime late next year on Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the new gameplay footage below:

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