Limited Run Games Releasing Physical Copy of Kemco RPG Asdivine Hearts Next Friday

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Limited Run took to Twitter recently to announce their partnership with Kemco for Asdivine Hearts. The game originally came out in February 2016 for Steam and then almost a year later, Jan 17 to be exact, for the PS3, Ps4, and Vita. Now the hand-drawn RPG is getting a physical copy this Friday for the PS4 and Vita via LRG, so all you collector’s celebrate.


Asdivine Hearts is set in a titular world of magic and encroaching darkness. A light deity in the form of a cat comes to warn two childhood friends, Zack and Stella, that their world is closer to the brink than anyone realizes. Of course the pair will set off on an epic quest to save the world, learn about themselves, and their fate.

Other features include:

  • Groundbreaking Visual Quality: The world of Asdivine has been rendered with stunning detail, from meandering clouds to lapping waves, sparkling magic to slithering creatures, and even dynamic skill effects.
  • Limitless Customization: By taking puzzle piece-like jewels and setting them in a box known as a “rubix,” players are able to customize characters in ways like never before!
  • Loads of Extra Content: The game features plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to collect information for. How far can you level and how many millions of damage can you dish out? All these challenges await you and more!

While no price was given for the physical release, Limited Run’s PS4 and Vita games usually go for $24.99 USD. And along with Asdivine Hearts, another Japanese RPG will be hitting the shelves on August 25th. Nihon Falcom’s well known series will be getting a real copy of Ys Origin that will come in a regular edition and collector’s edition flavors.  Again no prices were given but they should be $24.99 USD and $39.99 USD respectively.

After the craziness that was FMV Friday a few weeks ago, it’s nice to see some love for some Eastern titles. As always Limited Run continues to impress my mind and wallet when it comes to their selections.

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