LawBreakers 1.3 Patch Releases Today With Some Substantial Changes and Additions, Including Role Limits

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Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski and his studio Boss Key Productions’ new, unique gravity-defying FPS, LawBreakers, is getting a new big patch — patch 1.3 more specifically — today that will bring along some new content additions to accompany a variety of changes.

The most notable thing patch 1.3 packs is the implementation of role limits to Quick-Play. The change comes following a “plethora of feedback from both sides” of the topic, and ultimately Boss Key Productions has concluded that the game “is simply a lot more fun without role stacking.”

Thus, from now on Quick Play will feature a 2-role limit, which means you will never run into three or more of the same role stacked against you. One of Boss Key’s main goals with this change is to increase the diversity of gameplay you’ll encounter, both in terms of enemy type as well as forcing you to perhaps switch your own role to adjust. Additionally, the developer points out this will reduce a lot of frustration that is born out of stacking — such as running into five Juggernauts defending a Blitz goal.

Boss Key continues:

Quick-Play remains a place where players of all skill levels can jump in and find a match, but for some it’s also an environment to train for our upcoming Competitive Ranked mode. Our decision to set role limits to 2 is one we think will help inform development on Competitive Ranked as we continue to test it behind the scenes for future launch. As always, we’ll be listening to your feedback so please let us know what you think!

The patch also includes the following additions and balance changes:


  • New Map Variant – Promenade at night!

  • New Feature – Role limits now set to 2!

  • New Feature – Kick decals can now be imprinted on the world!

  • New Feature – XP Bonus Tracker shows active streaks and bonuses in main menus.



  • Increased the radius for reducing the Blitzball shield from 850 → 1000.


  • Increased the radius for reducing the Battery’s shield from 750 → 850.

  • Increased contest radius for the Battery to 1000.

  • Changed contest area shape from a sphere to a cylinder for better contest detection.


  • Increased the radius for reducing Uplink shield from 750 → 850.

  • Increased contest radius for the Uplink to 1000.

  • Changed contest area shape from a sphere to a cylinder for better contest detection.


  • Added collision to the top of the the central zone (above capture point B) so that Harrier’s can now throw their Supercharger Stations up there. Other projectiles should behave more consistently as well.

You can find the PC bug fixes and general improvements here and the PS4 bug fixes and general improvements here.

LawBreakers is available for PS4 and PC, priced at $29.99 USD. An Xbox One version of the game remains up in the air, as Bleszinksi has said in the past to not rule out a such a version, but as of right now, no such version has been confirmed or announced. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, be sure to give our review of the gravity-defying shooter a look, and learn why we scored it an 8 out of 10.

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