Last Chance to Grab Super Mario Odyssey Statue in Super Mario Run

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Today is the last day that you can grab a free Super Mario Odyssey statue in Nintendo’s mobile Mario title, Super Mario Run. The free statue features Peach in her white wedding dress from Bower’s Wedding in the game.

All throughout November, players have had the chance to log in daily to receive a slew of different character statues based on the cast of Super Mario Odyssey. The first statue featured Mario in his white suit and top hat. Following that, players were able to grab a Mayor Pauline statue where she’s sporting her favorite purple hat and a red dress to go along with it. The last statue players were able to get before Princess Peach was Bowser. Like Peach and Mario, the Bowser statue features him in his white suit and top hat.

If you’re not familiar with Super Mario Run, it’s a side-scrolling endless running game based on the 2D Mario titles. The game was put on iOS and Android devices for $10 alongside a free version where you could try a few levels. Surprisingly, the title did not meet Nintendo’s expectations.

You can check out Super Mario Run right now on Android and iOS devices, and you can check out DualShockers’ official review where we awarded the game an 8.0 out of 10.

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