Kirby: Battle Royale Formally Announced for Nintendo 3DS; Coming Next January

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During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Kirby: Battle Royale for 3DS. It is a multiplayer title where players each take control of their own Kirby and fight each other with Kirby’s famous abilities in a variety of different modes. Also, while this Kirby game to celebrate his anniversary was previously teased to be coming out this year, its release date has slipped in January.

While there will be ten different modes in the final game, only two of them were highlighted in the Direct. The first mode to be shown off was called Battle Arena, and is a typical free-for-all with each player trying to knock out their opponents and be the last one standing. Meanwhile, in Ore Express, players must try to horde the most treasure found within a cave the players are in.

The game will support both Online and Local Wireless multiplayer, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play the game if none of your friends have a 3DS. The game will also have amiibo support, and will have a physical release, unlike the previous two Kirby games that released this year.

You can check out the announced trailer for the game below. Kirby: Battle Royale will hit the Nintendo 3DS on January 19, 2018

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