Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Details, Screenshots Released

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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road was officially revealed a few weeks ago with the promise of more info to follow “after mid-February.”

The time has come, and true to its word, Square Enix released the first set of details and screenshots on Wednesday to show how this new mobile experience will work.

For starters, Dark Road will be a standalone game available within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ app. Players will be able to access Dark Road without having to meet any criteria within Union X. 

The games can be linked though. Current Union χ players are eligible for a “Link Campaign,” which will award them with points in Dark Road based on how complete their Medal Albums are (note that this will be just for the launch of Dark Road and will only work for players who have played Union χ before Dark Road’s release). Those points can then be exchanged in the new game for cards to use in combat.

The app itself will also be getting an update to account for the new addition, with its title changing to Kingdom Hearts Uχ Dark Road once the game releases.

Dark Road will puts its focus on Young Xehanort and his rise into the series’ main antagonist. The screenshots released Wednesday show him and his counterpart Eraqus during combat and in what appears to be a cutscene set in Scala ad Caelum.

The relationship between these characters played a role, albeit a brief one, in Kingdom Hearts III’s story, and it looks like Dark Road is aiming to build upon that more.

There’s no specific release date for Dark Road just yet, but the game will be coming to iOS, Android, and Amazon devices sometime this Spring.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, the HD collections finally arrived on the Xbox One and Kingdom Hearts III will hit Xbox Game Pass next week.

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