Kickstarter Title Faeland Looks a Lot Like a Modern Zelda II in New Teaser Trailer

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Faeland is a 2D Metroidvania Action-RPG that, to me personally, shares an intriguing resemblance to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Which is pretty cool since most Metroidvania titles nowadays take a lot of inspiration from either Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid. 

In the game’s new teaser trailer, we get a chance to see what traversing the world will look like. The first thing you’ll probably notice is how charming the title’s retro art style looks. As soon as I saw the main character using his shield to block attacks, I couldn’t help but feel like the game took a lot of inspiration from Zelda II. While it’s definitely one of the more polarizing Zelda titles in the series, there were some great mechanics that would be adopted and refined by other Metroidvania titles in later years.

In Faeland there’ll be an open world that’s yours to explore. Also, while it isn’t shown in the trailer you’ll also be able to level up, learn new skills, and customize yourself with a variety of equipment and weapons to fit your preferred playstyle. Furthermore, the game will also contain large dungeons with a multitude of bosses you can expect to fight.

Faeland is currently in development for PC, the game will be coming to Kickstarter soon. You can check out the title’s teaser trailer down below.

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