Josef Fares’ Co-Op Adventure Title A Way Out Has Gone Gold

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Hazelight Studios’ upcoming co-op EA Originals title A Way Out certainly caught gamers’ attention after its intriguing reveal at EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference and creator Josef Fares’…memorable appearance at The Game Awards 2017. We are just under a month away from the game’s release, and Josef Fares has revealed on Twitter that the game has finally gone gold.

For those of you who don’t know, the phrases “gone gold” and “goes gold” come from the term “gold master,” which is the official designation for when a piece of software is ready for release. Of course, the game will likely have a day one patch in order to optimize the game more and get rid of unforeseen bugs, but going gold does mean the game is technically ready to ship and release.

A Way Out focuses on the story of Vincent and Leo, two prisoners who cross paths a wind up going on a crazy adventure together. The game is co-op only and takes advantage of a unique split-screen perspective so you can what both Vincent and Leo are up to. Hazelight Studios’ previous title, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was a really unique experience, so I hope A Way Out can live up to the hype and revolutionize story-driven co-op games.

A Way Out will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 23.

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