JCB Pioneer: Mars Explores Survival and Human Colonization

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If you like to play building and management simulators, JCB Pioneer: Mars might be the game you’re looking for. Currently in early access as of September 1, 2017, the title drops players onto the Red planet and the mission is to survive.

The thought might have crossed your mind, JCB sounds like a familiar name. Well, it is because JCB is one of the largest construction and agriculture vehicle manufacturers in the world. JCB, publisher GamesCo, and Atomicom an independent studio, came together to combine real world vehicles we’ve seen at a local construction site but on Mars.

In a press release, JCB Worldwide Marketing Director Michael Plummer said:

“At JCB, innovation is in our lifeblood and we are constantly exploring new thinking and JCB Pioneer Mars provides a vision of the tools needed for future space colonisation,”

“It’s been an incredible experience for our visionary design team to build a series of futuristic heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles, optimised for exploration and mining on Mars”.

JCB Pioneer: Mars offers players interested in survival and construction the opportunity to experience a different type of gameplay. Maintenance is the name of the game. Well, not really, but on Mars it’s crucial to have all preventative measures in place to defend your base and vehicles. Players will encounter nerve-wracking meteor strikes, massive dust clouds and even electrical storms. The element of the game will be the intense weather systems in order to truly up the ante of survival.

Atomicom’s Design Director Andy Santos shared:

JCB Pioneer: Mars brings the harsh reality of the red planet to life with detailed high definition graphics, vehicle physics and weather effects as you prepare Mars for human colonisation,”

“Launching with over 20+ hours of content, we are excited to hear the player response that will shape our future development roadmap.”

If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut in grave danger, JCB Pioneer: Mars offers plenty of tools and materials to dive into this interesting mixture of a game. To provide a true experience, Atomicom had an astrophysicist consultant on board by the name of Dr. Maggie Lieu, her advice throughout the development process was crucial. She also makes an appearance in the game.

In summary, what is the story behind JCB Pioneer: Mars? The game starts out with the player awakening from a crash landing, in an attempt to get their bearings, the Lander debris is falling around you in a wind storm. The first thing players will find themselves in search of is oxygen and an outpost.

As players continue on, it all starts to come together, and the importance of battling the planet’s merciless weather patterns to begin colonization becomes the forefront of the operation.

JBC Pioneer: Mars is currently out now on only PC via Steam Early Access for $24.99 at 10% off for $22.99. Check out the launch trailer below along with some screenshots.

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