Inversus Deluxe Receives Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One Release Dates

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Hypersect announced today that Inversus Deluxe, the Ultimate Edition of its charming and simple title Inversus which released last year, will be releasing on Nintendo Switch September 28, and on Xbox One October 4. This marks the game’s first time on both of those platforms, though the Inversus Deluxe Update will also come to the PC and PS4 versions of the game.

While the PC version of Inversus will receive the Inversus Deluxe Update on September 28 alongside the release of the Switch version, Hypersect did not give a date for the update on PS4, though the developer is aiming to release it sometime in November.

For those of you who may not know, Inversus Deluxe bring visual improvements to the game, and adds twelve new versus maps and four new arcade maps, making the map total 50. The new arenas are built for players to use the new split-shot ammo, which lets people shoot forked bullets and around corners, in. A new mode where players fight AI bots that are increasing in difficulty has also been included. Ranked multiplayer is now in the game, and some new motion trails have been added for those who want to show off online.

If you want to see what DualShockers thinks of the game, you can read our review from last year. You can check out a launch trailer for the Switch version that reveals its release date below. Inversus is currently available on PC and PS4, but Inversus Deluxe will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC September 28, Xbox One October 4, and on PS4 sometime this November.

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