Inversus Deluxe Launches on Nintendo Switch with an Exciting Launch Trailer

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Indie developer Hypersect released Inversus Deluxe, the ultimate edition of last year’s simple but addicting Inversus, on Nintendo Switch today, and put up a new trailer alongside it. DualShockers also had the chance to play this version of the game, and it felt just as great as ever.

In case you haven’t heard about the game, Inversus at its core is a simple arcade game where two players who are squares attempt to shoot each other on a variety of maps, changing which parts of the map they can travel on with each shot. This can be done locally, in an offline “Arcade mode” on various maps, and online with other players.

Inversus Deluxe brings quite a bit of new content to the game including improved visuals, twelve new versus maps, four new arcade maps, split-shot ammo that lets people shoot forked bullets and around corners. The game also now ranked multiplayer, and some new motion trails and emotes for players to show off online with.

I personally have thoroughly enjoyed playing Inversus Deluxe on the Switch. All my compliments from the review linked above still stand, and new features listed before help flesh out the experience even more. The new maps and ammo are visually interesting, and did cause me to think and play the game in new ways.

The Switch’s portability also bolsters this game’s appeal on the system. The game’s simplicity makes local matches easy to set up and lend themselves well to the Joy-Cons, so I can see Inversus Deluxe becoming the go-to indie multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch for many.

You can check out the game’s Switch launch trailer below. Inversus Deluxe is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC and will come to Xbox One October 4, and on PS4 in November.

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