Indie Sports Game ClusterPuck99 Announced for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch isn’t missing a beat at defining itself as “the weird, indie game” console. With titles like Mom Hid My Game and Floor Kids on the horizon, the latest addition to the often-odd lineup is PHL Collective’s ClusterPuck99.

Being ported over with the help of Coatsink Software, ClusterPuck99 originally released on PC on January 23, 2015 — later making its way to Xbox One the September of the same year. The game follows in the footsteps of other indie games that broach sports in a more “arcade” way, including #IDARBPyre, and more. As you can see in the trailer below, the game plays like a flattened Rocket League and air hockey.

Specifically, the Nintendo Switch version of ClusterPuck99 will sport all the features seen in other console versions, as well as some Nintendo Switch-exclusive maps. These include 8-player local multiplayer, instant replay, puck customization, single-player challenge mode, 30+ original maps, and an arena creator to amp up replayability.

Speaking of publisher Coatsink Software and the Nintendo Switch, one of their more recent games Shu will also be making its way to Nintendo’s fledgling platform — also at an unannounced date.

At the moment, there is no set launch date for ClusterPuck99 on Nintendo Switch; however, it is still available for PC and Xbox One for multi-console gamers. Check out the trailer below:

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