Indie RPG ‘Edge of Eternity’ Receives New Update Detailing Environments and Monsters

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Midgar Studios gave a December update via their KickStarter page for the indie adventure RPG Edge of Eternity, in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

The update shows new environment screenshots showing a huge improvement in the game’s development. The screenshots give a preview of the detailed foliage and landscapes that players will be able to explore. Also, the developer mentions that they have a distinctive atmosphere, which comes off as a true fantasy world with lots for players to discover.

The developer also gives some information about the lore of Edge of Eternity:

Word is that the God were always there when the people of Heryon needed them. Every time a disaster loomed, they were never far. Times and times again, they steadily protected the faithful from impending crises.

Now that the war with the Archelite is at hand – they are lending their power to the believers – as it is expected from them. The exact nature of their help, though, is uncertain : whether they are directly powering the arms of the soldiers to help them dismantle Archelian machines, or sending surnatural hurricanes to tear enemies airships from the sky, nobody knows.

Some would argue that the Sanctuary perfectly knows the answer to that question – and that they just won’t tell.

Additionally, some of the creatures that roam Heryon were detailed. These creatures have two different versions: Monster and Infected. With the infected version of the creature being the more intimidating of the two by far. In the new screenshots players can preview the Orokko and Dunnrïr.

Currently the developer is working on announcing a proper release date, which will come at a later date.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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