Indie Action RPG ‘Destiny Chronicles’ Gets KickStarter Release Date and Pre-Alpha Footage

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Visualnoveler announced that their action RPG, Destiny Chronicles, will launch on KickStarter on October 4 for fans to assist with the game’s development.

As of right now, the developer has revealed that they have new concept art and a world map ready to show for Destiny Chronicles’ KickStarter. Also, they have new screenshots and Pre-alpha gameplay footage.

Additionally, Destiny Chronicles will be in development for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. The PlayStation Vita version was recently dropped to add the Switch version.

A preview of the KickStarter will be available before the official launch to allow potential backers to see the rewards.

Destiny Chronicles is inspired by classic JRPGs and features action role-playing mechanics. The player will assume the role of a squire named Celeste as she begins her journey to prove herself as a knight. Also, Celeste will travel far from home and throughout many environments as she pursues a mysterious thief who is a part of a bigger plot.

Furthermore, Destiny Chronicles has a character-driven story that has Celeste interact with the companions she meets throughout her journey. Battles will feature fast action where players approach enemies and attack, reminiscent of games like Kingdom Hearts. There will also be a skill tree where players will be able to upgrade their character how they see fit.

You can check out some pre-alpha footage below:

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