I Hate Running Backwards Trailer is Chock-Full of Colorful Chaos

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We all love a decent JRPG featuring a strong story and relatable characters; the kind of game that you’d while away hundreds of hour with before meeting the final boss battle. For many of us, this style of gaming is our bread and butter. However, sometimes you just need something completely off the wall, something outrageous and chaotic; something like Binx Interactive’s I Hate running Backwards.

Using an art-style similar to that of 8-Bit Armies, I Hate Running Backwards is a vertical top-down shooter with a twist. Instead of advancing up the screen from the bottom, your character of choice is positioned at the top of the screen and as it scrolls upwards forcing them to run in reverse.

The gameplay is designed to keep the player on their toes at all times. Randomly generated waves of enemies rush the screen in a roguelike fashion as players defend themselves with a heavy-hitting array of weaponry including the ability to call in air strikes.

Along with the frantic action, there are also a number of characters to choose from who would be familiar to fans of Devolver Digital’s releases as the company continues to bring its titles to Nintendo Switch. Among those selectable are Hotline Miami’s Richard, Shadow Warrior’s Lo Wang, Bro Force’s incarnation of classic action hero Rambo, Serious Sam, Crystal from Nuclear Throne, and even The Bullet from Enter the Gungeon.

I Hate Running Backwards is available now for Nintendo Switch. It can also be picked up on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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