Horror Arcade Side-scroller ‘Knight Terrors’ Announced for Switch

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Nicalis announced they will bring the FreakZone Games developed arcade-style horror game, Knight Terrors, to Nintendo Switch on October 24.

Knight Terrors has players assume the role of a suit of armor known as “The Knight.” During the game, The Knight will rush into battle with his sword to take on approaching enemies. Additionally, he is equipped with blood-red wings that allow him to fly and progress his journey even when the ground is full of spikes.

The game has a pretty tough, but straightforward difficulty that requires players to destroy every approaching enemy because if three pass then it’s game over. Similarly, if a player gets hit three times the game will end.

Knight Terrors only has two-buttons to learn, which should make it easy to pick up, but also might take some time to master. The game features sprite graphics and classic chiptunes as well as procedurally generated levels. Throughout the game, players will earn power-ups and unlock modes to keep the replayability high and allow for further progression into the game.

From the reveal trailer, the game seems to borrow a few elements from the mobile game Flappy Bird, but adds new layers to make it an actual game.

You can check new screenshots and the reveal trailer below:

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