Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch 1.03 Is Out Now, Offers Various Bug Fixes

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Horizon Zero Dawn is leading Sony’s charge into the PC gaming market. Formerly a PS4 exclusive, it came as a shock to many when it was announced for PC back in March. Following its release in July, Guerilla has been working to make the port of the prized PS4 exclusive work better.

Announced via Twitter and a blog post on Guerilla’s website, the 1.03 Patch for the PC port brings various fixes, including improvements for playing in 4K, various crash fixes, and most importantly, a promise to continue to work on further updates. They even thanked various members of the community for compiling lists of some of the game’s problems.

This patch comes in the midst of one of Sony’s most surprising announcements in recent memory; the console market leader has confirmed that they are working to bring more and more of their first-party content to PC. Horizon Zero Dawn was the natural choice for Sony, especially since Death Stranding, which was also recently ported to PC, used the same engine as Horizon. So far, Sony hasn’t officially confirmed any other PS4-exclusive games to be coming to PC, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Horizon Forbidden West turns up on PC storefronts a while after its release, especially if it’s using the same engine. The closest thing to another big PS4 exclusive making the jump to cross-platform is that Atlus, the studio behind the Persona series has confirmed that they would be exploring bringing more games in the Persona franchise to other platforms following Persona 4 Golden‘s success on Steam.

Click here to read the full slate of changes, improvements, known issues, progression fixes and everything else introduced in the patch.

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