Hitman: Sniper and Just Cause 3 Crossover With New Theme

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Square Enix Montreal released a new Just Cause 3 theme for iOS mobile game Hitman: Sniper. The new update takes Agent 47 to the Republic of Medici in the Mediterranean with a brand new weapon called The Final Argument.

Agent 47’s target is Marcus Krug, an advertising billionaire. The sniper rifle is Rico Rodriguez’s from Just Cause 3 and it comes equipped with two new abilities: sticky rocket mines and explosive tethers.

Along with these new abilities, comes a passive perk called Chaos which causes every object players interact with to explode. Sounds exactly like Just Cause 3.

As mentioned above, the rifle has the ability to launch sticky rocket mines onto enemies as they stroll along on their patrol, take your shot and watch them soar. Next is the ability to attach enemies to just about anything in the environment or even each other. You guessed it, once attached and dragged to their resting place, they’ll explode into smithereens!

When players join the community, Everyplay, The Final Argument rifle unlocks for free by sharing gameplay, getting to Rank 3 and inviting players to join you in the action.

Hitman: Sniper is a competitive sniper game for iOS and Android loaded with several missions where Agent 47 can control his environment and manipulate guards and other enemies.

Check out the trailer below. Hitman: Sniper is available on the App store and Google Play.

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