Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Terra Battle 2 Gets Plenty of Images Revealing the Guardians

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Today Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker Corporation released a new batch of artwork and screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Terra Battle 2, mostly focusing on the Guardians.

While all main characters are designed by Kimihiko Fujisaka, the guardians are created by a variety of artists, both from Mistwalker and popular creators from outside the company. For instance Tetsuya Nomura will design one if 300,000 pre-registrations are achieved.

Guardians are basically characters that follow the main cast and help them out. There are four classes of guardians: Warriors, Mage, Magic Swordsman and Healer.

In the gallery below you can see a few of them, Bron the SS-rank Warrior, Mukunba the A-rank Mage, Run the SS-rank Mage, Ken the SS-rank Mage and Ippo the SS-rank Magic Swordsman.

The first picture for each character is their default stage, the second form can be achieved via DNA Reconstruction, and the third is activated via RNA Reconstruction. DNA and RNA Reconstructions are an evolution of the system included in the first Terra Battle (which had just DNA Reconstruction), allowing players to use items to evolve their guardians in different ways. It’s also possible to switch between those forms relatively easily, still by using items.

Each guardian has several skill slots that get filled as they increase in level, up to six. Their skills also have different ranks, starting at default and then building up to Mega, Giga, Terra and Peta.

Magic and skills are also often associated with elemental attributes that can either cause additional damage or half damage depending on the relationship between element of an attack and element of the victim.

We also get to see images of the game’s fields. With touch gestures it’s possible to zoom in and out, as far as seeing the whole map of a chapter. Events occur when characters reach certain areas of the map, with dialogue and narration more elaborate than what was included in the first Terra Battle.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy a look at more artwork that will be used for the gamea recent trailermore direct feed gameplay, on top of the first trailerthe first character trailer, and the second character video.

Terra Battle 2 will release for PC, iOS and Android in North America and Japan this summer.

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