Here’s What Happens When Dark Souls Meets Cuphead

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Cuphead and Dark Souls have been getting comparisons a lot recently for their notoriously difficult gameplay (git gud), but there’s one thing I never thought I’d see in this lifetime: a horrifically accurate depiction of Dark Souls as if it were hand-drawn in the 1930’s.

YouTube channel 64 Bits decided to show off their fan-made “Cupsouls” concept that showcases everything from bonfires and the overworld, to Ornstein and Smough.

The video depicts The Chosen Undead and Solaire of Astora taking a merry walk through FromSoftware’s gothic grounds with bosses from every game in the series. Some of my favorites include Sif and High Lord Wolnir, who are drawn and depicted with humor and accuracy in everything from lore to boss mechanics.

YouTube Famous Dark Souls Lore Master Vaatividya even praised the artists’ attention to detail:

“Incredible work! I love how well you translated boss mechanics from 3d to 2d. You can tell a lot of care and effort went into this.”

While it’s sad to admit that this crossover would never happen, the effort that went into this minute-and-a-half video is inspiring and makes me miss my favorite video game franchise even more.

You can steep yourselves into some more things Cuphead, including the game going platinum here, as well as our review of the game here.

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