Hello Neighbor Gets PEGI Listing for Nintendo Switch and PS4

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Hello Neighbor recently launched in December for PC and Xbox One after two years of development by indie studio Dynamic Pixels. There were no official announcements for the coming to any other console, according to new PEGI listing, it’s heading to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

For anyone out of the loop, PEGI is the video game rating board for the EU, much like the ESRB in North America. The only misleading bit of information for both listings is that the release date is listed as December — the date Hello Neighbor launched for PC and Xbox One. So there is always the possibility that this may be a clerical error.

Hello Neighbor is a game where players take the role of a new resident of a peaceful new suburb. Very quickly you notice something off with their neighbor. He’s hiding something in his basement, and being an all-around creep. You’re tasked with breaking in and figuring it out, but you have to combat his very intelligent, procedural AI that learns your strategies and takes measures to prevent them on your next attempt to uncover his secrets.

Was this a filing error, or is there merit behind it? Most PEGI listings are deliberate, as publishers must submit each version of their game separately, so a misfiling would be unlikely. However, this can always be a pre-emptive listing — in other words, developer Dynamic Pixels may not be working on either version, but may submit a PEGI listing so they don’t have to do it the studio changes its mind later.

On top of that, PEGI listings are a notorious hotbed for leaks and early announcements. Specifically, that is where we got the first mention of Final Fantasy IX for PS4, or ReCore Definitive Edition.

As mentioned above, Hello Neighbor is available now, exclusively for PC and Xbox One.

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