GungHo Online Entertainment’s Puzzle & Dragons Pass 12 Million Downloads in North America

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GungHo Online Entertainment America announced today that its wildly popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, which launched in 2012, is continuing to do well, now having passed 12 million downloads in North America alone. This means it has received over 1 million alone in the past twelve months. 

For those of you who don’t know, Puzzle & Dragons is a simple yet addicting title that blends puzzle, dungeon-crawling, and monster-collecting gameplay together. The player’s goal in the game is to catch, train, and evolve all of the different monsters by maximizing their chain combos and monster’s abilities to be successful. Worldwide, the game has actually passed 62 million downloads.

Jun Iwasaki, President and CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment America, had the following to say about the game’s continued success:

“GungHo Online Entertainment and Puzzle & Dragons have continued to enjoy success over the past year and are excited to announce our latest milestone. The relentless passion of the Puzzle & Dragons’ community has been a constant inspiration to us and we’re dedicated to supporting them with new content for years to come.”

If you are curious about what else GungHo Online Entertainment is working on, they published Let it Die, a free-to-play game last year, and recently announced that they have partnered with Signal Studios, developer of Toy Soldiers, for a brand new AAA mobile game. If you want to hear some more about the company’s future, you can check out our interview with GungHo’s CEO & Executive Producer Kazuki Morishita from this year’s E3.

Puzzle & Dragons is currently available for free on iOS and Android.

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