Gravel Gets Three Minutes of Gameplay Showcasing Off-Road Racing in Australia

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Today, Milestone released the first gameplay video for its upcoming arcade-esque high-octane racing game Gravel today. The video clocks in at just over three minutes, and shows off an off-road race happening in Australia at Dusk

In case you are unaware, Gravel is a racing game that was announced back in March, and has players participating in a fake show called Gravel Channel Web TV. During the game’s Career mode, players will able to race others throughout 50 different tracks set across sixteen different locations, one of which is Australia. One of the more interesting things that sets Gravel apart from other racing games is the four different disciplines races can fall under during the Career mode: Wild Rush, Cross Country, Speed Cross, and Stadium.

In Wild Rush, races tend to be more combative, and take place in more wild locations. Meanwhile, Cross Country lets players loose on a more open map, giving the player greater control over what route they take to get to the finish line. Speed Cross races are set on real off-road tracks, while Stadium races take place in more traditional arenas, but can have thrilling jumps. This course was featured a Gamescom, which the game was playable at last week.

You can check out the new gameplay video below. Gravel will come to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Early 2018.

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