Grapple Force Rena Gets a New Trailer Showing the Power of Grappling

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Yesterday, we got a new trailer for the adorable platformer Grapple Force Rena. 

In the new trailer,  we get to see a multitude of worlds, enemies, and bosses, but most importantly we get to see the main character, Rena, using her trusty grappling bracelets. Rena will be able to use her bracelets to do just about everything in-game, like climb up walls, swing from ceilings, pull levers, pick up and throw objects, fight enemies and more. You can check out the new trailer for yourself down below.

Grapple Force Rena is a 2D action platforming title that’s being developed by Tim Ashley Jenkins and published by GalaxyTrail, the folks behind Freedom Planet. The title looks as though it takes a lot of inspiration from the likes of great platformers like Mega Man, Super Mario Bros., and more. It seems like it’ll be the perfect game for speedrunners and completionists alike, so it should be interesting to see what ways you can use Rena’s grappling to get around the game’s levels when it finally launches. Storywise, the title will focus on how exactly Rena got ahold of her grappling abilities but not much else has been revealed outside of that.

Grapple Force Rena will be available in the Fall later this year for PC, Mac, and Linux computers.

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