Gran Turismo Has Lost Some Fans in Japan According to Media Create, But it’s Still Pushing PS4 Sales

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Following-up on its top-twenty sales chart released on Wednesday, the Japanese statistics firm Media Create released its full weekly analysis, which is mostly focused on the performance of the newly-released Gran Turismo Sport.

First of all, the game sold 66.14% of the initial retail shipment, which is higher than Gran Turismo 6 in December 2013. Its debut sales were 55.92% of the initial shipments. Pure numbers, though, paint a different picture, with 150, 286 copies sold against 204,784. This means that the new game’s debut was weaker by 54,000 copies.

Another relevant piece of data is the number of pre-orders. Gran Turismo Sport had 92,000, comparing unfavorably with Gran Turismo 6, which had 116,600 at the time of the release week. Media Create interprets this as a signal that the series has lost some of its fans.

Media Create also mentions that there is a possibility that the game’s performance was influenced by being online only, but since GT6 was launched within the year end’s holiday shopping season, a comparison is difficult.

On a positive note, PS4 and PS4 Pro sales have increased considerably week-on-week, to 137.75%, so the firm concludes that the game is still pushing the console hardware.

In other Gran Turismo Sport news, Producer Kazunori Yamauchi recently received an honorary degree in Italy and talked about his passion for cars. The game also outsold Gran Turismo 6 in the United Kingdom.

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