Geralt of Rivia is More Than a Just a Monster Slayer — He Shreds Mountains Too

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On top of being a monster hunter, a womanizer, a honored knight, and Gwent enthusiast, Geralt of Rivia also likes to hit the slopes and shred some fine powder.

That’s right, Geralt snowboards. Not officially. But in some alternative universe — in the lore — Geralt is a snowboarder on winter weekends.

2017’s biggest revelation comes via the most recent episode of Noclip’s Witcher Documentary, titled “Designing The World of Witcher 3.” Apparently, when designing Geralt’s skidding mechanic that lets him tackle the steepest of slopes in the most casual style, the design team was having such a blast they momentarily took the time to turn Geralt into a google-wearing, winter hat-adorned, mountain shredder, equipped with an official Witcher snowboard. The end result looks like SSX meets The Witcher 3 for an end product that I didn’t know I wanted, but now need to have.

“There was one point when we were like let’s implement this whole skidding thing that Geralt does when he’s on the slope,” CD Projekt Red environment artist Len de Gracia told Danny Noclip when talking about the team’s favorite bugs. “And people had just too much fun that they decided to try this on this mountain and fix Geralt’s texture so he looks like a snowboarder, and they just let him go and made him skid.”

You can view the beautiful shenanigans for yourself via the video below (skip to roughly 16:40):

If you consider yourself a fan of The Witcher, then be sure to check out Noclip’s ongoing Witcher documentary series, which is currently three episodes in, and has told the story of CD Projekt Red, looked back on The Witcher 1 and 2, and as mentioned above, dove deep into the designing of the world in Witcher 3.

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