Game Dev Tycoon Hits iOS Devices for $4.99 Today with New Content

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Greenheart Games announced today that they have released Game Dev Tycoon on iOS devices, specifically the iPad and iPhone, and released a trailer for it. This version of the game also comes with a content update that adds new topics, platforms, and even a brand new mode.

This is just a first step in showing their continued support for Game Dev Tycoon, which first released on PC, Mac, and Linux back in 2013. Next January, the game will come to Android phones; after that, the new content present in the mobile versions will be added to the original game via a content update.

The mobile ports of Game Dev Tycoon were developed with help from Rarebyte, an Austrian-based mobile game developer. The game will only cost $4.99, and will not feature any in-game microtransactions as that is a business practice the developers aren’t fond of, with Greenheart Games co-founder Patrick Klug saying the following about it:

“No in-app purchases, no ads, no wait mechanics, no virtual coins and definitely no loot boxes. It’s great that we can bring a new gameplay-focused premium simulation game to the mobile market. I hope players will enjoy it.”

The content update adds new consoles and topics to the main storyline. The aforementioned new mode is titled “Pirate Mode”, and is based on the infamously developer-uploaded pirated version of Game Dev Tycoon. When the update hits PC, it will also have built-in recording and streaming support.

You can check out the iOS launch trailer below. Game Dev Tycoon is currently available on PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS, and will available on Android in January of 2018.

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