Game Dev Tycoon Getting iOS and Android Versions and Long Awaited Content Update on PC

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Greenheart Games announced today that Game Dev Tycoon, its game developer simulation/tycoon title from 2013, will be coming to iPad and iPhone on November 28. Afterwards, they plan on bringing the game to Android in January of 2018 and then finally releasing a new official content update for Game Dev Tycoon on PC that adds some of the new content present in the mobile versions.

These mobile ports are being developed with the help Austrian-based developer Rarebyte, and Greenheart games promised that these versions of Game Dev Tycoon would have no in-app purchases or ads. While the mobile versions have a redesigned UI, they will still contain all of the content included in the base game, and then some.

For the mobile release, the game’s main storyline has been updated with some new consoles (the developers teased the Nintendo Switch), and topics. A super-difficult game mode based off of the infamously developer-uploaded pirated version of the game is also included, as is built-in recording and streaming support. All of these enhancements will be coming to PC version as part of a free content update shortly after the launch of the iOS versions of the game.

If you want to know what else Greenheart Games is working on, you can check out the reveal trailer for their second game, Tavern Keeper. You can watch the reveal trailer for the mobile versions of the game below. Game Dev Tycoon is currently available on PC, will be coming to iPhone and iPad on November 28, and will then finally come to Android in January 2018.

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