Futuristic Thriller State of Mind Gets 15 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

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German publisher and developer Daedalic Entertainment has released 15 minutes of new gameplay footage — via IGN — of its upcoming futuristic thriller, State of Mind, which is poised to release on PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime in Q4 2017.

For those that don’t know: State of Mind is a futuristic thriller game that delves deep into transhumanism. According to Daedalic, the game’s main themes are separation, disjuncture and reunification: all set in a world that is torn between a dystopian material reality and a utopian virtual reality.

It is said in the game you will employ multiple playabable characters in two separate game worlds; however, it appears the main character of the game is Richard Nolan, a father and journalist from Berlin who discovers that he has been subject to an accident. As a result, he is still living with incomplete memories.

From there, Richard sets out on a search for salvation, aiming to reunite with his family and his lost memories. On his way though, he realizes his journey is not just about him, but the future of mankind.

It’s currently unclear how much State of Mind will cost. Below, you can check out the new gameplay footage:

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