Future of Rainbow Six Siege – Attacker Repick, Post-Death Activity, Operator Reworks, and More

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Operation Crimson Heist is just the beginning of a new era, but how the future of Rainbow Six Siege will look like? Here we will go over some of the brave changes that the developers have in mind for the future of Rainbow Six Siege, some of which I probably prefer not to happen, but I would definitely like to see how the changes affect the game at least in the Test Server. First, let’s start with the roadmap.

Year 6 Roadmap:

Year 6 is going to be the first year in the history of Rainbow Six Siege that every season will add only one operator to the game. Aside from Season One’s Flores, new operators from Nacoda, Croatia, and Ireland will be joining the game in the course of Year 6.

Future of Rainbow Six Siege, Year 6 Roadmap, R6 Year 6 Roadmap

In Season 2, the Favella map will receive a rework, while in Season 4 developers will improve Outback. In between, Season 3 will host a bunch of small fixes and reworks for multiple maps in the game. All seasons will host some changes into the core gameplay, including the addition of new weapons like Gonne-6 or some fixes like drone proximity awareness and things like that.

Reputation System:

Believe it or not, it’s not that hard to have some teammates in Rainbow Six Siege who would enjoy ruining your experience and pushing the team to the edge of a failure. In order to reduce the number of toxic players and toxicity in the game, Ubisoft is working on a Reputation System that will show the status of players when it comes to toxicity. The good news is, this system has already implemented in the game in a hidden way, but during Year 6, the Reputation System will be launched officially.

Simply, the system divides players into three different groups. If your reputation is 3 or 4, you are a decent R6 player, whom everyone enjoys playing with. A reputation of 2 means you are a neutral player who sometimes shows toxic behavior. The 1 and 0 reputations mean you are, unfortunately, a toxic player and you probably ruin everybody’s experience. This system will help players to know their team-mates better and will help Ubisoft to ban toxic players easier, but what other benefits could it have? Yet to be revealed.

New Post-Death Activities:

This is one of the revolutionary changes that I was talking about, but not the biggest one. As the developers explained, Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t feature high-octane moments before the match or after death. In fact, the designers are trying to avoid the lack of player engagement in preparation and post-death phases. In order to extend the player activities into the post-death phase, the developers are planning to allow dead operators to use their alive gadgets, and this is for both teams.

So, gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eye and Echo’s Yokai Drone could be still used against the opponents and shoot at them even if the operators who control the gadgets are dead. Applying such change will probably increase the number of picks for operators like Maestro and Echo in a crazy way. Also, it will make it harder for the attacking team to plant defuser in the sites, though its dead members can also move their drones. That being said, Ubisoft wants to give a similar advantage to the attacking team to make everything balanced, but what’s that? Re-pick.

Attacker Repick:

And here we are talking about the new preparation phase activity that will benefit the attacking team. Since the start of the preparation phase, attackers will have 20 seconds to change their operator if they want to. This means you should detect the bomb sites and opponent team’s operators, and then if you feel that your initial pick isn’t right for the situation you can change it.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist

Now, this is a very big change for Rainbow Six Siege. The game has never had such a feature to this date, which is completely in contrast with the core gameplay. I don’t know how the whole community will react to this change, but I don’t like it. I know there are many games in different genres that allow players to see each others’ picks before the beginning of the match, but I think this doesn’t feel right for a tactical game like Rainbow Six Siege. A big part of the game’s challenge in Siege is tied to the fact that you don’t know what awaits you in the opponent team.

Operator Rework:

Tachanka’s rework was just the beginning of a huge set of reworks targeting the other operators of the game. The next operator to get an overhaul is Goyo. His explosive shields will now turn into small sticky explosive boxes that can be installed on any surface. On the other hand, Melusi’s main gadget will no longer be bulletproof. Fuze and Finka are the other operators that will be reworked in the future, but we don’t know yet how they would be changed.

Aside from the main gadgets, the health system of the game will also receive an overhaul. The developers are planning to show the Armor level of operators in their health. So the Three-Armor operators will have more health than One and Two Armor ones.

New Battle Pass Upgrade:

From now on, every Battle Pass that hits the game will feature an operator as well. So, if you purchase the battle pass, you will get the game’s latest operator. The price of the Battle Pass will remain unchanged.

Elite Skin and Elite Customization:

The latest Elite skin that will be added to the game in Operation Crimson Heist is Kali’s Masterframe Prototype 1. Aside from that, a new Elite customization system will be added to the game in Year 6 which allows players to have more control over the operator customization. Also, there’s going to be a Jill Valentine Resident Evil skin for Zofia in Year 6.

Other Notable Improvements:

Here we have listed some of the other upcoming changes and improvements to the game that was revealed briefly by Ubisoft:

  • New UI system for the operators’ menu and customizations
  • Matchmaking improvements and server tweaks
  • Some changes in the Ranked mode and its levels
  • New point system for the Esports leagues and tournaments
  • Partnership with Ikumi Nakamura in designing new skins for R6 Siege characters

New R6 Siege UI

So here it is. This is what the future of Rainbow Six Siege is going to look like, but it highly depends on the community’s reaction as well. If you don’t want to see some or any of these changes in the future of Rainbow Six Siege, make sure to share your feedback with the developers.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

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