Furi’s Creative Director Reveals What Bosses Caused Players the Most Trouble

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Furi is well known for being a very difficult game. Some people stayed away from the game with a two foot stick. Others put the game down after a few hours of tortuous frustration. But others loved and rejoiced in its difficulty and challenge it presented.

That being said, in a recent interview with The Game Bakers founder and creative director, Emeric Thoa, I asked if the team had any metrics or information about what bosses specifically tripped people up the most and perhaps served as a jumping off point for many.

Now if you played the game, you probably know which bosses Thoa replied with: the 3rd and 7th boss, aka The Line and The Burst, aka the old guy and the sniper lady. I personally know I died an uncountable amount of times while trying to overcome these two particular bosses, and apparently so did a lot of people.

According to Thoa, this was actually by design. The third boss is the game’s first difficulty peak and the seventh is the next and other spike. Thoa explained to me that the difficulty peaks “were made to require perseverance so that you feel incredible satisfaction once you beat them.” And he’s right, I danced and celebrated like I just won Wheel of Fortune after I finally beat each of them.

Thoa admitted that this design was not for everyone, “but for some people it’s a reason to keep playing instead of dropping out.” Further, he revealed that many fans have expressed that the two are actually amongst some of the most popular, even by those who intially complained about their difficulty.

The 3rd boss (video courtesy of Duck360Gaming2)

The 7th Boss (video courtesy of Duck360Gaming2):

Furi is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One for $19.99 USD. Further, The Game Bakers has revealed it would love to bring the title to Nintendo Switch.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) our full interview with Thoa will go live so be sure to not blink, and stare out our home-screen until that happens.

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