Fugl Gets New Soaring Gameplay Video

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Developer Team Fugl — a team comprised of a collective of industry veterans who have worked on games like Hidden Folks, LIMBO, Among the Sleep, GoNNER, and more — has released a new gameplay video of its meditative bird simulation game, Fugl.

A game about creating a relaxing experience, in Fugl you create your own story while soaring the skies with a variety of birds over a procedurally generated, voxel world that includes tropical beaches, snowy mountains, vast deserts, windswept caves, old forest, and more.

Inhabiting this world is a range of wildlife that features hundreds of animals, and even the occasional rare mythical creature. Encountering animals isn’t just a passerby experience either: rather your shape shifting bird will take on new visual characteristics and flying behaviors inspired by said animals.

The game also features a level creator and the ability to customize your birds, which in turn allows for a more personal experience depending on how much you take advantage of each.

Fugl is poised to release via Early Access on September 14th. In its Early Access form, it will only be available for PC and Mac. However, when the full release comes sometime during early 2018, mobile and VR support will be added.

Below, you can check out the new, aforementioned trailer:

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