Four of Valve’s Best Games from Last Gen Have Now Been Xbox One X Enhanced

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Microsoft just keeps on improving the Xbox One backward compatibility list, this time around by improving a handful of games from of the industry’s most heralded developers.

Today, Microsoft announced that four of Valve’s most popular games of all-time have now been enhanced for Xbox One X platform holders. The games in question include PortalThe Orange BoxLeft 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2, all of which were previously available for play on Xbox One via the backward compatibility program. Today’s update just further enhances their graphical capabilities for those who own Microsoft’s premium Xbox One.

It’s a small update in the grand scheme of things, but I absolutely love that games from yesteryear continue to receive this treatment on Xbox One X. As someone who owns the Xbox One X, I love returning to these old games and seeing how much better they really do look with these enhancements. Not only does it make revisiting these older games easier, but it continues to keep these titles in the public consciousness. It’s also just a great secondary option compared to outright remaking or remastering games from the past which is a trend that has kind of gotten out of control in recent years.

Luckily, I still have all of the games here that have been updated and I might just end up installing them onto my Xbox One tonight. Please come play Team Fortress 2 with me later this evening.

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