Former PlayStation CEO Andrew House Gives Stirring Farewell: “PlayStation Has Always Been About Games”

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Back at the Beginning of October, former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House announced that he is moving on to new challenges, even if he is staying at PlayStation for the time being in the role of Chairman in order to ensure a smooth transition. Today, he walked on stage at The Game Awards to say his farewell.

Following a video showing quite a few fond memories (and a much younger House), mentioned that being part of the PlayStation team has been a “fantastic ride.” He talked about the history of PlayStation as “taking something from its inception to great heights, working through some dark days, and then bringing it back to success and relevance.”

House then explained that PlayStation has always been about the games. 3D graphics, the CD Rom, or more memory for the PS4, were all choices guided by game developers and gamers.

He then talked about his “fantastic team of colleagues with immense dedication to the gamer and to the brand,” and thanked them for their loyalty and support.

House said himself “really glad” to have helped bring games out of their niche as a children’s pastime, and into a “mainstream creative medium that can rival and supersede any entertainment form.” That is also thanks to marketing and advertisement created to speak to the fans.

He also thanked the millions of fans around the world who embraced PlayStation and its games.

“Thank you for always being there, and for always pushing us.”

House continued by talking about the relationships he forged with the industry’s creatives while helping them bring their vision to life. According to him, they are those who changed the face of entertainment, and he is glad to have played a “small part” in helping them.

You can check out the full recording below. And if you’re curious about the man who will replace House at the top, you can also watch new CEO John Kodera’s introduction.

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