Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Xbox One Release Date Announced

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If you play on Xbox One, and you’ve been wondering when you’d be able to get your hands on Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China without purchasing it on PC, then today is your lucky day. Developer Ace Maddox has announced that the action game will be officially available internationally on Microsoft’s console in just two weeks, on January 12, 2018, to be exact.

To celebrate the announcement of the release date, the developer has released a slew of new screenshots for the game, as well as an image of what the game looks like on the Xbox One dashboard, albeit through a camera. You can check out all of the images at the end of the article.

Players should be able to pre-order the game right now for $18.99. As of the time of this writing, now pre-order bonuses for the game have been revealed, however, the game does support pre-downloading, so you’ll be able to download the game right now so it will be available to play exactly when it releases.

For those that don’t know, Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is an air combat, action game that puts you in the middle of a fight between the American/Chinese armies and Japanese armies during World War II. The game supports up to 16 players in its multiplayer.

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