First Destiny 2 Raid’s Light Level Is Between 260 and 280

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Destiny 2 players have been waiting for a while to know the light level required to enjoy the first raid of the game, that will be released tomorrow, September 13th.

Now, the power range of the encounter has finally been revealed by Game Director Luke Smith on Twitter.

Apparently, the appropriate light level for the raid will be between 260 and 280, which is actually rather low. It is in fact entirely possible to reach higher level without taking part in the raid at all, with many players that are already at around 300.

It’s quite possible that Bungie decided to make the first raid a bit more accessible to those who didn’t have the time to grind over 280, resulting in it being set one step lower.

Recently, we learned that the game passed 1.2 million concurrent users worldwide, and it unsurprisingly ranked first in the U.K. market in its debut week, according to the sales chart released today.

We also heard the confirmation of the first DLC expansion, Curse of Osiris, and the roadmap for new content coming across the first month since the game’s console release (including the raid itself).

Destiny 2 released a few days ago around the world for PS4 and Xbox One. PC players like me are still waiting until October 24th.

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