Fire Emblem Heroes Gets New Heroes and New Story Chapter Tomorrow

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Today Nintendo and Intelligent Systems announced that tomorrow its mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes is getting an update.

The update will bring three brand new heroes from their own “Dauntless Crimeans” summoning focus. The name will probably tell you that they’re from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. We’ll get the “Fierce Halberdier” Nephanee (spear), the “Agile Horseman” Oscar (horseman with spear), the “Lost Princess” Elincia (pegasus knight with sword).

As usual, they will be implemented at the turn of midnight Pacific time, and the first summoning will be free.

On top of the new heroes, we’ll also get a brand new main story chapter, titled “Diabolical Bloodline.” This means that if you need some more free orbs to try summoning the new heroes, we’ll get plenty that way.

The coming of the new focus means that two will not be available anymore, including New Heroes: Brave Heroes, and Focus: Tempest Trials. The current Temptest Trials will also be discontinued, meaning that if you need more points to get that masked Luc… ahem… Marth, you better get to 15,000 fast.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available on iOS and Android. You can check out the new trailer below (including the Japanese version if you prefer Japanese voice overs), and you can also enjoy a recent live action trailer.

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