Fire Emblem Heroes Adds the Voice of Dreams, Gunnthra To The Battle

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Today, Nintendo announced that tomorrow Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem Heroes will be updated with a fresh face and a new summoning event.

Fire Emblem Heroes merges all previous Fire Emblem games into one shared universe, and as such, heroes are added regularly. This time, however, the newest featured hero is a Heroes-original named Guunthra, the Voice of Dreams.

She’s the older sister of Fjorm and the first princess of the Ice Kingdom. She debuts with a summoning event, coming with an 8% 5-star Focus appearance rate. Skills she comes with at 5-star are Blizzard, Glacies, Fortress Res 3, Chilling Seal, and Res Ploy 3. See below for a breakdown of skill descriptions and Nintendo’s reveal video.

Along with her come other Heroes with increased rates of appearance. They share the 8% with 5-star focuses, and additional non-focus 5-star heroes are set at 0%. These additional Heroes include Ryoma, Elise, Chrom (with bunny ears), Lucina (with bunny ears), Charlotte, Lyn (dress), Roy, Innes, Amelia and more.

The last event brought Holiday versions of everyone’s favorite Fire Emblem fighters, including the clearly top-tier waifu Tharja.

The update and event start tomorrow on December 28. The event ends January 1. Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.



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